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We’re All Human

Posted in Superficial Psychobabble with tags , , , , on December 4, 2008 by Jack

  People oftentimes seem to forget that we are all human. They seem to stop themselves from relating to other people from other cultures or groups and forgetting that, for all the bad things they might see out there, their intentions are good. 

  Now that being said, good intentions does not amount to good actions. The more selfish the intention is, the less good the action will be. For instance the holocaust had the good intention of creating a master race Utopia, obviously selfish for the Nazis, and they had a disconnect from the victims because the Jews were dehumanized by propaganda as the root of all the failures of Germany. Islamic Extremists want to convert the entire world to Islam, they use violent actions but they believe it will lead to the world being an overall better place, but I shouldn’t have to point out the selfishness.

  The desire to make someone else suffer tends to come from a combination of a disconnect between that person actually being human, and the good intent tends to be along the lines of personal justice (or in cases of rape and such the selfish pursuit of satisfaction), making yourself feel better. The more selfish the desire the more negative the the actions will seem. The more you keep this in mind the easier it is to relate to people, even the most impossible seeming persons. Being able to understand a person’s intentions ultimately helps you when it comes time to make yourself understood.

  Even if you do not agree at the very least you’ll be able to see that often, people you thought were bad, or evil, were really just selfish and/or immature, and not some supernaturally uncaring monster. Because in the end, we’re all human.


But seriously the fuck do I know I’m 16. Go live your life.


As Salaam Alaykum.