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I think a lot about paranoia. Mostly my own, but sometimes that expressed by others. This eventually leads to paranoia about how paranoid everyone around me is. It’s a very frustrating process.

I think paranoid thoughts about how, if some kid just got a hunting rifle and is tracking me as I walk and accidentally hits me? Did I lock the doors? I’m not paranoid so long as it’s not causing erratic behavior right? Is my behavior erratic?
I may be paranoid but at least Glenn Beck can't steal my thoughts anymore.
Paranoia to me seems to be what mercury was to syphilis in the 19th century. In small amounts it’s good but over time it could cause some serious issues. And for your information yes, I am syphilis in that metaphor. See what I meant by serious issues?

Paranoia’s random strikes have led me to change some things around. For example, some time back I awoke from a dream about zombies and hooters waitresses (starring Woody Harrelson, long before Zombieland. He looked more like the guy he played in Kingpin) scared. So now I sleep with a machete under my mattress. Am I paranoid or just eccentric?

I try not to let it effect my life. There have been situations where I had wished I was more paranoid before hand. Have you ever been caught masturbating? Twice? In one day? By the same person? Certain personal details I will never share on this blog. Still, the experiences that leave me wishing I’d been more careful and yes, paranoid in hindsight are the ones that serve to reinforce my paranoid view of things more than anything.

What about you? Do you ever get paranoid? Or get paranoid that you’re too paranoid? What’s the biggest thing your paranoia kept you from and what’s the most you’ve gotten yourself worked up about? Leave a comment.