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Ya know it’s odd how the world works. Some people are arguably crazy and incompetant to handle the responsibilities of being an upright human being, but are they insane?

You see, insane is a legal term. So John Hinkley with the voices and the disconnect from reality was both crazy and insane. We have thousands of people out there known as functioning schizophrenics. They work and live in society because their delusions don’t make them mentally incompetant as a human being, even if they are crazy. By that same token we have people with who aren’t crazy but legally would be considered insane for any criminal actions because, hey, they just can’t be held accountable.

I wonder, is it possible to be completely and totally BATSHIT CRAZY and still not be considered insane?

Pat Robertson; Batshit salesman for over 50 years.

We should get Glenn Beck on it.

As salaam alaykum.