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People Are Setting Themselves Back

Posted in Superficial Psychobabble with tags , , , , , , on June 21, 2009 by Jack

In the past it’s been said both by, and about individuals that they’ve “set their people back.” Al Sharpton in particular comes to mind. This simply isn’t true. Thinking of all the poor black people out there under the poverty line who aren’t “overcoming” and blaming Al Sharpton doesn’t help anyone and it certainly doesn’t explain the success of Oprah.

Here is where I would cite an example of where people have claimed the Reverend has set his people back by a century or so. There are however too many to choose from. Where he seems to imply that nearly all violence (that gets media attention) of a black person hurt, killed, or joked about by a white person is somehow a sign of an unspoken and widespread racism that oppresses minorities and “keeps them in their place,” as it were. Just look into it yourself.

There are many poor white people out there who don’t “rise above” their circumstance. Do we blame Larry the Cable Guy as setting them back a few decades? No. Do you know why? Because it’s a mentality of complacency that keeps people where they are and not any single man’s ideas. The people who hold this mentality being attracted to one who vocalizes it doesn’t mean they are setting anyone back. Personal responsibility must be put on the people who subsribe to the ideas, not the public face of them.

This was the most expediant example, I’m not talking specifically about blacks. Within every ethnicity are people who fall to a defeatist attitude where circumstance receives the blame as opposed to the person taking responsibility. This is inherent in human society and no race, religion, sexual orientation or ideology is full of or free from people with this mentality.

No one can be blamed for introducing (perpetuating maybe) it either, because it’s already there. If any or anything deserves the blame, PEOPLE are setting themselves back. I’d argue a few millennia at that.