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But why?

Posted in Johnocidal Musings with tags , , , , on June 18, 2009 by Jack

I’m tired of the religious argument that science can not answer the questions of ‘why we are here’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’ when religion does not provide an answer either. If the meaning of life is to get to the afterlife, that’s a pretty shitty meaning. And that doesn’t answer “why” either. Why would a God put us here? Lonliness? So God went throught the trouble of creating us all to chill with (even with those angels) and then he doesn’t communicate with us? Does this all powerful all capable being who invented human language have social anxiety? I should hope not otherwise heaven would be a dull place. Negating the fact here that this supposedly perfect God also designed all creatures, 99% of all living things are extinct. What kind of half-assed design is that? What was the purpose of those creatures lives? Serving God? Isn’t that the same purpose as the lives of humans? So is the “why” to serve an absentee father figure who just happens to favor jews?

The only purpose in life is that which we choose and religion offers a convenient one for anyone who can’t find something they’re good at, or something they like enough to dedicate themselves to. Harmless to do, but when you decide that it’s the meaning for everyone’s life is when it becomes dangerous.

But I’m not saying anything new here.